Makhdoom Sayed Chan Pir Qadri

Pir Mian Mir Ji was a Perfect Gurmukh Sikh = Muslim and here is a contribution to Pir Ji's family. 

Makhdoom Sayed Chan Pir Qadri

First Satguru = Christ was Jesus and his spiritual patients were babies, Judas Iscariot and he killed himself. Satguru Nanak Dev Ji was the Second coming of Jesus and he being the Specialist Spiritual Doctor, SABHH TAE VADAH SATGURU NANAK; JINN KALL RAKHI MERI, he was to suffer greater than Christ Jesus.In Bhagti Marag, you cannot hate or kill anyone as in everyone is his Light, spirit, that you can use for the benefit of humanity or to fleece and kill people.

Now, Sachae Patshah Har Gobind Ji was of the Representation of ParBrahm as Par Shiv and he had the authority to kill the stubborn sons of Satan. Thus, Pir Mian Mir Ji highly honoured Sachae Patshah Har Gobind Ji, Uch daa Pir.

Holy Gospel of our Supernatural Father Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc., delivered First by Jesus, the First Anointed Christ = Satguru of the highest living God Elohim that dwells within our Temple of God called Harmandir or “Emmanuel”. He was the First Anointed Light from our Father and Satguru = Christ Nanak, the Second Anointed Greatest of all the Christs because he had to confront the Kings and Emperors of Darkness of Khatri tribal people (less than one per cent Khatris adopted Sikhism against Jatts = Samaritans 70%) against the people of Judah tribe, the Princes of Darkness. Nanak came in 1469 and Preached The Gospel to Perfection through Five more Lights for 150 years. Still, the Darkness created by Satanic Khatris turned Mullahs couldn’t be comprehended. Then, our Father Himself came in the name of Royal King = Sache Patshah Gobind Rai Ji with His Consort, Shakti, “Holy Spirit” in the name of “Maha or Sahib Devan”, the very living Holy Spirit against the mythological Devis or Shaktis of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. He organised the last two Panths of Khalsas and Nirmallae Santan to sort out the stubborn sons of Satan with sword power and by Preaching The Gospel from Akal Takht, the Seat of Nirmallae Santan respectively.

Gurdwara stands for Gur = Dhanghh which is logical reasoning that Brews Logo, His Word and Dwara means a place of Sangat. So, Gurdwara is the place where GURMUKH Sikhs meet. Gur = logical reasoning and Mukh = Mouth. A mouth that speaks logically is called a Gurmukh.

Gur doesn't mean Guru. Satgur means the formula for speaking logical reasoning that Brews = Parsad = Logo.



Once-born people are incapable of logical reasoning and, therefore, the logo is for the twice-born people of discerning intellect called the “holy spirit”, surtti or “common sense”.

So, if you want The Gospel, then you must think logically over your own heart. Thus, listen to everyone and ponder over it logically in your own heart. Then, the Gospel would be written over the living tablets of heart – 2corn 3.

Scriptures, the dead letters are “deadly poison” to The Gospel.

Scriptures, the “dead letters” that the once-born people are taught in the universities and colleges, they are “old wines” or “milk for the babies”. This is the Jewish leaven which Jesus forbade.

The twice-born people of “discerning intellect” are like the “birds of the air” capable of “logical reasoning” to brew the “New Wine” within their own hearts. For this, you need to be “impartial and unbiased” as the little children are.

Thus, you do not need to go to a university to know The Gospel but a heart burning for “The Gospel Treasures”.

University degrees in “dead letters” will turn you into a super donkey carrying “Holy Books”. “Letter killeth, spirit giveth Life”.

Typical Youtube Video on Son of God:-

Son represents Father, so in Jesus, we are the sons of Elohim and we should display His qualities for Salvation.

Natural bastards versus supernatural Bastards.


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True Story.

Four types of loves:-

The Family of God:-

Solitary Royal Priests.

Test for twice-born:-

Flesh + soul = Once-born natural Disciple of the Rabbis

Flesh + soul + spirit = Twice-born sensible Labouring son of God

Fanatics are super bastard Devils – John 8v44:-

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