FIRST COMMUNITY, PANTH, SMAAJ, MILLATT OR THE WAY OF LIFE IS HINDU, JEW, ETC. FOR “MORALITY”:- The root of the word Hindu is “HOND” or your tribal identity in Brahma, Yahweh, Khudah, etc., the creator and the Lord of Nature, Sarishhtti, Kudratt, etc. The root of Jew is Yehudah; Yeh = to sire and Udah = of Him, Yahweh. Or Jew stands for the sons of Yahweh, Brahma, Khudah; the same as Hindu. Yahweh is called the “POTTER”, Ghumiar, etc., the creator of male and female and you are faithful to him when you disclose your tribal identity in Adam called JAATI (caste/tribe) AUR BAASI (place of birth). Remember that Judas threw the 30 Shekels in the court of Yahweh, the Potter and that is with that money, a Potter’s Field was bought to bury the unknown dead persons. That is why in the Revelations those 144000 that would be saved are the faithful tribal sons of Adam and not Hindu, Sikh, Jew, etc. This is well demonstrated by the people of the South India who have four names for the identification of a man; the name of the boy, his father’s name, his village’s name and finally his family surname. By this, his secular identity “HOND/HASTTI” is established for Peaceful living. He will have conscience, “SHARM”, Salt of his family and thus, he will practice “DHARM” that involves six types of works, “KHATT KARMA” as established in the Menorah and David’s Cross. In Satguru = Christ Jesus, we being not under the letters called Scriptures that binds you and they are called the seven Demons that Christ Jesus took off Mary Magdalene to set her FREE in holy spirit, which is common sense/SURTTI.

Finally, that is why no Saint was born or was needed in South India and Saint Thomas was enough to Preach Gospel to the sons of Man but the local Brahmins/Cohens killed St. Thomas as the Gospel was confusing the once-born people that how can you turn the other cheek instead of killing your aggressor? Or what applies to flesh (once-born), the opposite applies to spirit (twice-born). Thus, the intake of the Rabbis/Brahmins being the once-born natural boys who go by the tit-for-tat natural laws of Moses/Ram Chander Ji, they get confused in Adam. The once-born enjoy love called “Eros” and they hate others who do not belong to their own tribe.

Thus, the first religious Lanv, (rope used for pulling water from a well) instructs us how to become a good Hindu for cleansing your physical body, TANN, the Temple of God of sins and you become “Bodily/TANN Pure/NIRMAL”. That is why John, the Baptist, Angel (FAHRISHHTTA) of Israel, Prophet Elijah, the Corner Stone of the Temple of Yahweh, the Potter, who was ousted out by the hypocrite sons of the most high Satan, Al-Djmar Al-Aksa, baptised the repentful sensible Jewish men in water in the name of “Abraham”, the Father of the faithful, Salt of the earth, a Noble man faithful to Yahweh who gave Abraham the “Promised Land” as the Garden of Eden for his faithful generations to enjoy the fruit of the land. This was stressed by Angel Stephen, sitting in the Seat of Prophet Elijah that our forefather Abraham was a Noble Man. Do not make the fake sons of Abraham through circumcision, which is the tribal make of Abraham to Isaac and his seed only. But the Temple Priests made a business out of it to catch their Disciples and put a millstone of rituals that they themselves couldn’t carry. Thus, this “Promised Land” became barren when the faithful son of Abraham Joseph was sold as a slave to the Egyptians, the generation of the faithful elder son “Ishmael”. Moses brought the unfaithful sons of Abraham back and the same barren land became lush green. Jesus told this story in the Parable of the Prodigal son. Further, John, the Baptist never baptised a woman for she doesn’t carry the seed of Yahweh but of “Elohim” for supplying blood, the Life, in the procreation and the faithful sons of Abraham, the Gentiles and the Samaritans. John baptised Jesus in the name of his heavenly father Yahweh. Thus, Jesus told Peter that you do not need washing your head and hands as they have been already cleansed by obeying the Moral Laws of Moses and by taking the Baptism of John, the Baptist in the name of Abraham. John, the Baptist baptised Jesus in the name of Yahweh, his heavenly or the secular father. Because Jesus was the Second Floating Adam, he left no physical mark on this planet earth. Remember that the Outer Court meant for praying and fasting in the name of Yahweh belonged to the heavenly father of Yahshua (Yah = Yahweh and Shua = Shiva, the Primal Adam or Jesus was the Second Adam, which is another proof of the Virgin Birth of Jesus. Thus, Mary was the Surrogate Mother of Jesus and Joseph, the Foster father) and in order to protect the property of his heavenly father Yahweh from the money changers such as the Pope, Arch Bishop of the COE, etc., who are busy multiplying the treasures of Mammon to keep their folk happy that Jesus made a whip to whip them off the Court of his heavenly father Yahweh. Thus, would Jesus welcome Pope and his associates?


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SECOND COMMUNITY FOR “SPIRITUALITY”:- These are Christianity and Sikhism of the First Anointed Christ Jesus and of the Second Anointed Christ = Satguru Nanak Dev Ji respectively. As in Adam, we exercise close-circle “Eros” love of our natural tribal father, so in Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc., our Supernatural Father of our “souls”, we exercise the Universal un-conditional Divine Love “Agape” in which you have your spiritual Brethren, soul, in everyone and you hate “none” as Jesus washed the feet of Judas Iscariot too. Or if somebody hits you on one cheek, then, you present the other cheek to challenge his conscience or salt as Jesus did challenge a stooge of the Temple High Priest who hit him. Thus, Jesus embraced the whole world as signified in his seamless “Inner garment”, which was put to a lot instead of tearing it apart or you receive Christ in your heart by the grace of our Father. In Sikhism or Christianity, the person becomes a student called Talmidim/Sikh of the spiritual knowledge that you attain through “logical reasoning”, the GUR/Formula that brews “Logo”, which is “His Word” or the Oral Torah for it cannot be written down in ink on paper but over the living Tablets of heart of the person. As the spiritual knowledge, the Light/NOOR is the presentation of our Father Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc., so you become the son/Christ, the Omnipotent Ambassador of our the most high Elohim, represented by the Middle Candle of the Menorah and Whose Son is Christ called “HAR JANN”. They thrive upon “Agape”, the Divine unconditional love as displayed by Bhai Ghaniyia Ji. The Second Lanv applies to the Sikhs, Talmidim, etc. how to purify one’s mind, Nafs, MUNN, etc. of the five spiritual thieves that were in the Samaritan Woman at well but she had already purified herself of those Five Husbands or the spiritual thieves – 1. KAAM (immorality - base), 2. KARODHH (Anger – once-born as displayed by Peter when he started rebuking Jesus), 3. LOBHH (Greed – twice-born in the pursuit of Mammon – Juda Iscariot), 4. MOH (Worldly attractions or the secular kingdoms – Anti-Christ Pope and his stooges are the victims of the Third Temptation of Jesus by Satan) and lastly 5. HANKAAR ( Haughtiness of the Book knowledge, the milk for the once-born babies and that was the last Husband living with her but no more DOMINATING as she had gained the religious knowledge from her Rabbi who had the knowledge of the Oral Torah and that is how she engaged Jesus in deep theological discussion whereas the Jerusalem Professors of theology being Drunk with the old wine of the dead letters, they were too proud of their Book knowledge to know the Gospel or talk with Jesus – Simon, the Pharisee who invited Jesus into his house, he did not honour him by washing his feet as Jesus did honour his Labourers by washing their feet at the Last Supper in which he took them to the Wedding Banquette of himself). After attaining the spirituality too, your body, TANN and mind, MUNN, NAFS, etc. becomes as “PURE WHITE” as Jesus showed them at the Transfiguration called “KHALLAS”. Such Puritans can serve God in two ways by either joining the Third Community of philanthropic Soldiers of God called Khalsa Panth/Millat or become an Apostle of the order of Sadhu Melchizedek, the roving Royal Priests to Preach the Gospel. Both of these communities are Mammon Free – no hirelings as these Dog-Collared Super Blind in the dead letters these Priests are in the Churches working for money.


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The Third Panth Khalsa and the Fourth Panth of the Nirmallae Santan or the Apostles was organised by the Sache Patshah Gobind Rai Ji, the very Form of Akaal Purakh and His Sons represented Him by performing the Philanthropic Political Works as the solitary, NIAARE Khalsa Soldiers of “PAR SHIV” (Daeh Shiva Var Mohae… sons of Shiv/Adam let us fight against the sons of Satan) to sort out the stubborn sons of Satan Al-Djmar Al-Aksa, the religious fanatics – John 8v44 and by the Word of Mouth by the Apostles. Both of them were initiated by beheading the Five on the stage and then sewing the head of one with the Torso of the other. And they were revived through Nectar of His Word that created “Philia” Love among the solitary “Khalsas”. That is why sugar Pataashe were added by Mahan Devan, Mother Holy Spirit, in the Nectar of His Word prepared by the Royal Father Par Shiv Sache Patshah Gobind Rai Ji, the Representation of our Supernatural Father as Shiva, the personified political head of Yahweh, Brahma, Khudah, etc., the Lord of Nature was Lord Krishna, the incarnation of “Shiv”. Later on, Par Shiv Royal King Gobind Rai Ji Himself became “Gobind Singh Ji” through the same Amrit leaving no Gap between the Father and His Sons, the Khalsas of the Third Panth and the Nirmallae Santan, the Apostles of the Fourth Panth that enjoy “Storge” Love of the Family of God. Like the Apostles of the First Satguru = Christ Jesus, they didn’t carry money, two pairs of shoes, etc. on their Journeys Preaching Gospel from their own hearts. My own family members used to honour them and my late father also enjoyed their company. The Third and the Fourth Lanvs apply to these two spiritual states BUDHI (Holy Ghost) and CHITT BIRTTI (Holy Spirit). 

Thus, unless you are a “Hindu”, sons of Man, Brahma, Yahweh, Khuda, etc., the Lords of Nature as demonstrated by Lord Krishna, the incarnation of Shiv, the Political Head of Brahma, you cannot be a Sikh, the sons of the Highest Elohim, Allah, ParBrahm, etc. 

In short, you give money or tithe to Brahmin/Rabbi Guru/Priest, the Moral Teacher - Matt 13v52 - for teaching you the moral laws, Munn, mind or Nafs to your own “Innerman called Satguru = Christ” to learn the Gospel through logical reasoning (intuition) led by “holy ghost or Budhi” and finally led by your “innerman Waheguru, the Satguru that deserves the applauses”, you present, BHAINT, your “TANN and MUNN” to Sache Patshah for rendering services to humanity as a Khalsa or a Nirmala Sant, the Apostle, etc. That is, both the Khalsas and the Nirmallae Sants are NOT FAMILY OR SECULAR PEOPLE BUT OF THE ORDER OF MECHZEDIK SADHU. Thus, only the sealed to serve God, the Gurmukh/Mussallman could be the Servants of Akal Purakh.  

According to the principle of Trinity, you have holy sons, the once-born like Peter/BaeMukh Khalsas. Example was the 40 MUKTTAE (MOORAKH), of the twice-born clever/MUNNMUKH was the Sodhi Khatri Lala Banda Bahadur who organised the killing of Sachae Patshah Gobind Singh Ji warning the Khalsas not to trust anyone else but themselves as solitary, NIAARA. This Lala Banda Bahadur Sodhi Khatri had the habit of learning the skills and then trying to kill his Master to occupy his Seat/Gadhi. After the death of Sachae Patshah Gobind Singh Ji, this Lala Banda Bahadur proclaimed himself to be the next Sachae Patshah. Or you cannot trust a greedy person/LOBHHI KAA VASAH NAA KI JAYAE; JAYE KO PAAR VASAAYE or the MUNNMUKHS are the tails of a Dog/KUTTAE DEE POOCH.


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