Sectarian riots are created by the super blind guides, the hireling Dog-Collared Priests in the Churches.

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Christ Jesus came because the Temple Priests were making the Jews outwardly of appearances and not of the heart and for this reason, Jesus had to take a Virgin Birth among the most satanic people of Judah tribe who were almost 100% Jews outwardly. The sensible people such as the Tax Collectors who realised that by becoming Jews outwardly of flesh, you break your Covenant with the Noble Man Abraham of the outward Semitic race and by doing so, you become Anti-Semitic. That is why Jesus had to take a Virgin Birth in the tribe of Judah of King David, the Angel. That is why a woman admired the womb that gave birth to Jesus and He was given the name “Yahshua”; Yah = Yahweh and Shua = Shiva = Primal Adam or Jesus was the First born of Yahweh, the Second Adam. Mary was sired by Yahweh and she was the Surrogate Mother of Jesus, a woman and Joseph of the Judah tribe, a foster father. First the Temple High Priest in collusion with King Herod wanted to kill Jesus but for the safety of Jesus, Joseph was told to leave Israel for Egypt, the land of the faithful to Abraham and Yahweh son Ishmael born of Hager. The Egyptians looked after Jesus very well indeed as expected of the people who are the salt of the earth. But when Jesus returned to Israel, then hostilities out of jealousy erupted. Pharisees and Sadducees created out of the spiritual blindness hated Jesus celebrating the Sabbath, a Day devoted to Elohim, the Lord of Sabbath for being the Source of His Word, which is the Oral Torah, by performing philanthropic work whilst the greedy Rabbis hated Philanthropy the most and told their congregation, for healing they should another day when they could charge money. This Oral Torah of Mercy as enjoyed by the Samaritan man who picked up the wounded person was missing among the Jewish Rabbis and Jesus came to fulfil it the Law tempered with mercy as the court Rabbis used to do but they not only hated but killed him. Whilst the Rabbis of the faithful to Abraham and Yahweh of the Gentiles and the Samaritans, they were one undivided and St. Phillip Said, “A Gentile never dies for he doesn’t live to die spiritually”. That is why the Samaritan leper cured by Jesus was told that he doesn’t need any spiritual knowledge as his Rabbis are efficient – Matt 13v52. The Samaritan woman at well never mind the men was so spiritually knowledgeable that she enjoyed discussing with Jesus the spirituality and told him that he is a Prophet but when Christ comes, he will tell us everything. Her Five spiritual husbands – Immorality (KAAM), Anger (KARODHH), Greed (LOBHH), Worldly attractions (MOH) and the last Husband living with her but no more was Haughtiness of the spiritual knowledge gained in holy spirit against the stiff-necked arrogant Jerusalem theologians of the dead letters as today you have Super Donkey Professors carrying the Holy Books in the Universities and Colleges working for Mammon instead of God those who sold their possession to buy this Field of theology.

My late father had this knowledge and in his honour, I have written two books; one in English, “FIRST GNOSTIC PRINCIPKES OF ONE GOD ONE FAITH” and the other in my native Punjabi language, “KAKHH OHLAE LAKHH” – both are available on internet but they need revision. My late father saved many villages from the sectarian riots and withy the shield of His Word, he turned a 2000 strong party of Arain tribe ready to attack our village, 91 RB in Pakistan from foe to our best friends in Allah. The Dirty-hearted British and the Indian Shopkeepers, Lala Tara Singh Malhotra Khatri, Lala M.K. Gandhi, a Baniya and Lala Mohd. Ali Jinnah, a Babla Bhatia are responsible for the bloodshed of the child-like innocent people. Our village tribal people made the British to win the two world wars and our homeland was divided so that when fight over Kashmir, then the British could sell arms under obligation. What a clever British business people?

Today, these hireling Dog-Collared Priests in the Churches are Neo-Rabbis that not only fulfil Matt 12v43-45 but created sectarian riots all over the world. These Neo-Rabbis are the produce of the dead in letters theologians at Universities and Colleges called ”Super Blind Guides” and their stooges in Churches are Super Blind leading their congregations into the sectarian riots. This is the time of the End of the Age, Kalyug – Matt 13v24-30 and the Tares, sons of the most high Satan Al-Djmar Al-Aksa are getting bundled up in Israel for the Final Burning expected on 14/05/2023 through Atomic War. The Second coming of Jesus was Nanak and Atomic War is the last Prophecy to be fulfilled.

Finally, as you know St Paul harvested a very heavy crop when he was locked up in the Jail and at night, he sang the praises of our Supernatural Father Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc. and those sensible prisoners who lended their ears were rewarded by setting them free of the chains and walls. In the morning, the jailor was astonished and wanted to kill himself for the prisners had fled but St Paul assured him, we are all here. That is outside the prison, the people wounded him badly but inside the prison, they highly admired him. Keeping this in mind, I applied for the Voluntary job of Police Chaplain at Reading Police Station and I was interviewed by the Lead Chaplain of the Thames Valley Police, HQ South, Kidlington, OX5 2NX. So, I asked her some simple questions such as why Jesus was given the name “Yahshua”? She had no knowledge and told me that our role is different from theology. What could the spiritually blind dead in letters University Professors tell her? Next to nothing as myself has been thrown out of the theological seminars for being a Gnostic. I gave her my book but she wanted to take my Police Volunteer Badge as well but I insisted that I want to carry on.

So, these hireling Dog-Collared Priests who fulfil Matt. 13v43 – 45 who have created so many cults are the main cause of the hatred and the sectarian riots. In God, our base is divine “Agape Love” that brings Peace in society but how could these robed Anti-Christs in the Churches profess this? No way.    

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