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Matt 25v14-30-Talents - 5 to the Samaritans turned into 10, 2 to Jews squandered and one to Gentiles ESSENCE OF THE PRABALE OF TALENTS - MATT.25v14-30. Matt 25v14-30:- Three people of Trinity -- Sealed to serve God of the Holy Ghost - 5; to the clever psychic delivering the sugar-coated sermons of Falsehoods, the hypocrite - 2, who became the evil spirited man like Juda Iscariot and squandered the Talents by seeking his own praises as the politicians do today and to the once-born hylics, who could only "see", read the holy books as in the Universities and Colleges, the “Milk” but they cannot "perceive" the Root, Oral Torah = His Word, “Butter” hidden in the Scriptures and turn up as the Super Donkeys carrying the Holy Books the University Professors of Theology are today - 1.

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Further to my above video, here are the people that were given 5, 2 and 1 talents by our Supernatural Father. Samaritans or Gentile:- They received 5 Talents for they were living in holy spirit. A typical example is the Samaritan Woman at well – John 4 who had overpowered the 5 Temptations of the heart. They were 1. KAAM, immorality (once-born), KARODHH, anger (once-born) Peter displayed against Jesus when he took Jesus by the arm and started to rebuke him that how could you die when you make the dead alive, LOBHH, greed (twice-born), MOH, worldly attraction – Jesus was taken to a High Mountain and shown all the worldly attraction and Satan told him, “I will give you all this if you forget God and worship me cruelty, which Popes, the Antichrists did”, (twice-born) and finally HANKAAR, the haughtiness of the degrees in dead letters that makes you stiff-necked (once-born). These are the three of the once-born against two of the twice-born, they quarrel over once-born being cheated (3) by the twice-born cheat (2) whilst the Gospel Truth brings Harmony among them, the society. The Samaritan had overpowered all of these 5 Temptations of the heart and they were of the white-hearted crop ready for Christ Jesus to Harvest. The Generations of clever and crook Eleven Patriarchs who sold Joseph, (Spirituality for they loved Darkness to cheat people) to the faithful sons of Ishmael as a slave got 2 Talents as they were twice-born but of the evil spirit of the devil. They squandered over wine and women cheating and robbing the poor and as the result, they had many “Lepers” not to be cleansed by Prophet Elisha because none of them was worthy but as the Syrian General Nama was of the clean heart. They were the liability to our Supernatural Father Elohim, the Middle Candle of Menorah. Thus, they were unfaithful to Abraham, Yahweh and Elohim. That is what Saint Philip said, “A Gentile never dies for he does not live to die”. They made a business out of the Scriptures corrupting at will and that created sects under Darkness created out of the greed whilst the faithful to Abraham, Yahweh and Elohim, the Samaritans looked after people on the philanthropic basis picking up the wounded person was an example cited by Christ Jesus. The simple-minded Gentiles kept the Scriptures as the Word of God and preserved it and they had One Talent. These are mostly, the people of the West in the colleges and Universities who would pay a heavy price for the written fragments. Chosen People are "Elite" because, from them, we learn our moral laws through PRACTICAL DEMONSTRATIONS. They are a nation of Priests and among them, God Elohim, the Middle Candle of Menorah, created a Nation of the Royal Priests, the Samaritan generation of Joseph, the ONLY faithful son of Jacob, Isaac, Abraham and Yahweh whom the other eleven crook brethren wanted to kill as they were liars but they sold him, much loved by Jacob for speaking the truth and trustworthy, as a slave to Egyptians, the faithful sons of Abraham and Yahweh but not the real sons as the people of Isaac. It was to Isaac Abraham gave the "TRIBAL MARK CIRCUMCISION, the covenant in flesh but not to Ishmael born of the slave girl Hagar. In fact, morality went to Ishmael and spirituality to Isaac because he was born out of the Boon of the Sadhus. Thus, to the Egyptians went for the Temple of Adam, Shiva, etc. Kabah whilst the very Holiest of Holy Temple of God Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc. to whom blood sacrifice was made to atone the sins of people at Passover.

Thus, Baby Jesus was sent to Egypt to be looked after the morally sound Egyptians who loved people so much so that they mummified the dead bodies of their tribal elders and even today, they put the elected President Morsi in jail for raising his ugly head as Satan Al-Djmar Al-Aksa in which he formed a political party called “Muslim Brotherhood”, the Mountain of fanatic devils. In Israel, the Temple Priests were making people Jew outwardly at the times of Jesus, the Mountain of super bastard fanatic devils and Jesus, the anointed Christ was to appear among them the spiritually sick people but they loved Darkness for their satanic activities and they were his staunch enemies. John, the Baptist, Prophet Elijah, an ideal Rabbi Matt 13.v52 was sent ahead of him to make people tribal outwardly faithful to Abraham and spiritual Jews inwardly for the worship of Adam, Shiva, etc. That is why you see some Synagogues devoted to Shiva or Shua in Israel today but most of them are Jew outwardly, the super bastard fanatic devils – John 8v44. Temples of Shiva being based upon the tribal people, they are many but the Temple of God Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc., being of our souls in which we have One Father, is One only and that was the Holiest of Holy in Jerusalem but today it is the Golden Temple in Amritsar and it was in the hands of the most knowledgeable greedy people of the Khatri tribal people. These Khatris turned Mullahs misused that religious knowledge and hated the House of Satguru = Christ Nanak the most. The people of Jatt tribe resembling the Samaritans appreciated the Gospel the most almost 70% against the Khatris arrogant in the knowledge of Vedas less than one per cent. In general, the village people most appreciated the spiritual Message of Christ Nanak the most and the opportunist “Saltless” shop keeper tribes, like the Jews outwardly, the least. Whereas in the Middle East, the Jews were mostly Princes of Darkness to whom the word of mouth was enough whilst in the East, India, the tribal people Khatris turned Mullahs, the Kings and Emperors of Darkness, created an army of the most powerful super bastard fanatic devils, Muslims outwardly, in the Mosques and they set a record of cruelty by putting Christ Arjan on a hot iron plate with hot sand pouring over his head and that too in the hottest month of June for four days and on the Fifth Day, Christ Arjan mingled his body in the River Ravi water to water he disappeared. Then, the next Light was Sachae Patshah = Royal King Har Gobind Ji of Par Shiv = Akal Purakh who met the stubborn Kings and Emperors of Darkness with sword power of Righteousness and punished the culprit Lala Chandu, a Sodhi Khatri, a Diwan of Lahore, who had organised the torture of Satguru Arjan Dev Ji out of the revenge for rejecting the marriage of his daughter with Sachae Patshah Har Gobind Ji for him being arrogant in wealth against the poor Christ Arjan Dev Ji, also a Lala Sodhi Khatri, which was a humiliation to his secular position of a Diwan in the society that was well supported by Khatris turned Mullahs in the Mosques. In fact, the people of Lahore were the staunch enemies of the Labourers of Christ Nanak, the Sikhs - Talmidim. Also, the Moghul Forces that uprooted Royal King Gobind Singh Ji from Anand Pur Sahib were headed by a Khwaja Khatri.

Today, these very Chosen People, Jews outwardly and the Khatris very proudly claim that those holy men belonged to their tribes thereby certify that it were their tribal elders who tortured and killed them.

P.S. In Jesus, the Ten labourers including the doubting but believing Thomas were given 5 Talents, the clever greedy thief Judas Iscariot of evil spirit 2 and the clean-hearted once-born devoted to God Peter, a holy son got 1 but at Pentecost all of the 12 with Matthias included got 10 Talents, Holy Spirit that made them the Twin-Brethren of Christ Jesus, their Bridegroom..

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