Concept of two gods; one demiurge potter, lord of nature at large and the other real One inside us called Emmanuel.

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This concept is very clear especially in India where we call demiurge god of Nature Brahma = Khudah and the one that infuses soul or makes the Nature living is Parbrahm = Allah or our Supernatural Father of our “souls”. In the West, Christianity dominates and it is still with Yahweh = Brahma = Khudah, the Potter that brought Abram from Iraq area and planted him as Adam and Sarah as Eve living in the company of Yahweh in the Garden of Eden, which is Promised Land of Yahweh/Abraham.

Here is the difference between the two and their worshippers:-

Yahweh, Brahma, Khudah, etc., the Potter and the perfect artist, who created this Nature at large.

Pots created by natural sex that produces natural man, jealous and revengeful like the creator Yahweh, Brahma, Khudah, etc. Thus, Yahweh is the heavenly father and if we remain faithful to him, then he not only feeds you well but he also looks after you too. Typical example of such people are white people living in the Brazilian Jungle that have tribal marks for identification of tribe and to remain faithful to Yahweh. This has been also demonstrated in the “Chosen People”, who are a demonstration nation of the world to teach us the Moral Laws, which are based upon the Oral Torah = His Word that Jesus came to deliver so that the Moral Law teachers, the Rabbis could have the same standard as the Samaritan Rabbis, who produced a good quality crop for Jesus to Harvest.

With this introduction, I will make the video in which I will try my best to clarify what I have in my mind.



Creator of Nature at large is Yahweh, Brahma, Khudah, etc. = our heavenly father that is “seen” by the two natural eyes. He created Nature at large called “Pots” and he is also called “Potter”. Thus, heavenly means that world you can see with your two natural naked eyes, when directed by the Brahmin/Rabbi, they live in peace as one family of Adam and Eve, then we have heavenly peace or the kingdom of heaven on earth that is “seen” in law and order brought by Brahmins/Rabbis. But when the ruling Rabbis became arrogant and crook as the Pharisees and Sadducees were, then they bring in the kingdom of hell causing rift (snake) among people. At that time, good angelic people, the sons of Adam, they suffer and there comes “Christ = Satguru”, the very Anointed Son of Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc., our Supernatural Father of our souls, to show them the way to the Royal Vineyard of God that has a “low for the humble” and Narrow Gate to enter into the Royal Vineyard of our Father where He has planted the True Vine Christ Jesus for the twice-born sons of Adam to Graft themselves for their Daily Life-giving Eternal Bread, the Juicy Flesh of Jesus = His Word derived through logical reasoning. Ears are the spiritual Mouth to listen to His Word delivered by our Bridegroom Christ Jesus. We take this living Bread to our heart to digest it with the “Teeth” of logical reasoning to Brew Logo, which is His Word. Because this is done by an individual with the grace of our Father, so the Gospel gets written over your heart. That is why the Gospel cannot be written in ink on paper as the Scriptures are but over the living in holy spirit = common sense Tablets of heart. Thus, the Christianity is of the heart and not of the dead Scriptures, the Bible = Jewish Leaven against which Christ Jesus strictly warned us that when you go Preaching Gospel, do not take any money, two tunic, no Scripture, etc. That is why at Cana when Jesus prepared the New Wine, he told the servers to rinse out all the specks of the old wine, the dead letter and fill the vats with fresh clean water to the brim creating an unbiased heart of a little child. Then, you think logically to Brew Logo = His Word.

Now, Scriptures could be compared to a Tree of Life that you can see or read whilst the life-giving Roots, the knowledge of the Oral Torah = His Word, you cannot see but perceive. Christ Jesus was the “Tap Root” = Oral Torah = His Word that He came to deliver so that the sensible Rabbis could darn the holes created by the crook Rabbis and enjoy the rectified Scriptures as the Samaritan Rabbis were enjoying and they produced a heavy spiritual Crop for Jesus to Harvest. The Samaritans are the generation of Joseph, who was a faithful to Abraham and Yahweh but the other crook Patriarchs wanted to kill him. That trait was carried on by their generation with people of Judah to be very clever. Similar harvest was reaped by St. Thomas in the South India.

Now, the Gospel cannot be Preached to the once-born spiritually dead in “ego” people like the Disciples of the Rabbis but to those who are twice-born spiritually alive people who like the Ethiopian Eunuch are capable of pointing out the corruptions in the Scriptures, the old cloth full of holes. Such twice-born people like the Tax Collectors found no pleasure in the Synagogues of the spiritually blind dead in Letters Rabbi Guides and they would not attend their Synagogues on Sabbath as required by Law of Moses and the Rabbis proclaimed them “sinners”. Sensible twice-born people being the Lord of the Sabbath, they will uphold the Laws of Moses in their daily lives. Such twice-born people who were Jews inwardly or spiritual and not outwardly, the super bastard fanatic devils, John 8v44, they went for the Baptism of John in the name of Abraham whilst the stooges of the Temple High Priests, the stone that the builders, sons of Yahweh, rejected had become the cornerstone of the Temple ousting out the rightful owner, Prophet Elijah (My god is Yahweh) John, the Baptist, into the Wilderness. You can see the Chair of Prophet Elijah in their Synagogues and that is a good proof of the rejection of John, the Baptist. Thus, most of the Jewish men that John, the Baptist baptised; they were sensible twice-born men of age suitable for seeking the Royal Kingdom of God that has a low and a Narrow Gate.  Once-born like Simon whom Jesus nicknamed “Peter”, a stone or thick headed, Goyeishi Koppah, but truthful they were also chosen by Jesus for their clean unbiased heart of a little child. Peter was once-born and he couldn’t understand Gospel. Once Christ Jesus gave him a taste of Gospel when he asked him, “What do you think of me”? Then Peter replied that you are the Messiah of living God Elohim, the Middle Candle of the Menorah.  And Jesus told Peter, “Unless our Father Elohim reveals to you, you cannot know the Gospel Truth”. But Peter in his once-born nature became arrogant and started to rebuke Jesus when he told his Brethren the coming events and how he would be handed to the hypocrite Jews and be killed as the Lamb of God at Passover so that they shouldn’t have a great shock.

Thus, the intake of the John, the Baptist, Angel of Israel Prophet Elijah (My god is Yahweh of Nature) were those who had rejected the crook Rabbis and had become “Shepherdless solitary” looking forward to their Master Shepherd Christ Jesus to lead them into the “Royal Vineyard of our Father Elohim for Grazing by going ahead of them, which is just the opposite of the Rabbis who enforced the moral laws and rituals or not imposing his views upon others as the ruling Rabbis were doing in Law. And those who were pre-destined of our Father Elohim, the “seekers longing for Gospel Truth = Oral Torah, went for the very Bitter Gospel Truth, “His Word = Oral Torah” that the dead in letters of the Scriptures hated most. Thus, Sabbath is the Day of Elohim (Six days of Yahweh in which you work to feed yourself) in which you work for the Mammon-Free Elohim, our supernatural Father of our souls and that is “Philanthropy”. That is what Jesus advised the Pharisees to invite those who are poor and not the rich who also invite you back. So, when Jesus cured people of sicknesses on Sabbath Free, the greedy Rabbis told the people to come another day as Sabbath is not for the dead-in-letters Rabbis, who told their congregations not to work on Sabbath at all even if their house catches fire, they need permission from their Rabbi to put it off against their much hated generation of Joseph, the Samaritan, who being faithful to Abraham and Yahweh had a very good knowledge of the Oral Torah and they worked for Elohim by performing philanthropic deeds such as a Samaritan who picked up a wounded person and looked after him. St. Philip Says, “A Gentile never dies for he does not live to die in the dead letters of the Holy Books”.

Further, Jesus and his 12 Labourers were amazed at the spiritual knowledge that the Samaritan woman at well John 4 displayed and she told Jesus that you are a Prophet. But when Christ comes, He will explain us everything in details. That is, she knew what Christ stands for, the very Anointed Son of Elohim, and Jesus had a Great Pleasure in telling her that He is the Christ. That whole Samaritan village became Apostles and the woman was called St. Photina. Her Five husbands were purely spiritual and not the physical. I have a lot of Youtube Videos explaining their names;

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In short, John, the Baptist Angel of Israel baptised twice-born Jewish men of age who had rejected their crook Rabbis for the malpractices and them being the Blind Guides (An Ideal Rabbi defined - Matt 13.v52). They were “seekers” who were baptised in water in the name of Abraham to re-establish and confirm their covenant with Abraham and Yahweh like those Samaritans. John, the Baptist never baptised a woman, Gentile or a Samaritan but only the Jewish men especially of the Judah tribe who had changed their tribal identity to Jew outwardly and by doing so, they had broken their covenant with Abraham, who was of the Semitic race or they became super bastard fanatic devils – John 8v44. Remember that in this Dark Age when the Rabbis/Brahmins had become spiritually blind, Yahweh to protect his creation created an Ideal Family in Abram, who was brought from the Iraq area to establish as “Adam” and Sarah as “Eve”  who lived in the Promised Land = Garden of Eden in the company of Yahweh. So, John, the Baptist baptised them in the name of Abraham and Jesus was baptised in the name of Yahweh, his demiurge heavenly father, the Potter. Angels of Yahweh, the messengers, told Mary that she will have a boy and she should give his name “Yahshua”; Yah = Yahweh and Shua = Shiva = the Primal Adam. Thus, Jesus was the Second Adam, the First born of Yahweh. That is, Demiurge Yahweh, Lord of the Nature “sired” Mary to give the Virgin Birth to Yahshua. This is the physical proof of the Virgin Birth of Jesus but only the twice-born of discerning intellect called “holy spirit”, Surti, etc. will understand it. Leaving no physical body after death also confirms his Virgin Birth and he came “floating” into the world of the First Adam and so he left – Foxes have holes to rest their head, son of Man has none on this planet earth. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God. The Christ being His Omnipotent Representative of our Supernatural Father, he fulfilled the Law that was lacking the knowledge of the Oral Torah = His Word.



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This is the world of Akash Tatt (soul, our supernatural self) unseen but perceived by the grace of our Father by the twice-born through logical reasoning that brews “Logo”, which is His Word and identity. He is the Supernatural Father of our souls, the supernatural self that puts life into our physical body whose makeup is the elements of earth. Thus, the creator of Pots, physical bodies, is Yahweh, Brahm, Khudah, etc., the Lord of Nature and as the creation of Yahweh is made alive by our Supernatural Father Elohim, Parbrahm, Allah, etc. that is represented by the Middle Candle of Menorah that Lights up the other six candles of Yahweh, the natural people. Thus, in the living creation, which is classified into four groups that are 1. Uttbhujh – born of seed – vegetation – lesser brain of instincts, 2. Andajhh – born of egg that has very strong sensory organs – mid-brain, 3. Jairajhh - Born of placenta that has well developed Forebrain of analysing information and acting like us and finally the 4. Swaidhajhh, which is purely “spiritual world of souls” that could help the good people of God through mysterious ways such as Feeding the delicious Food to 5000 hungry people. Messengers that appear and disappear are among them. All the above are in the control of our Supernatural Father God and His Sons, the Omnipotent Ambassadors of our Father.

Now, what applies to the world of Yahweh or nature that you can see, just the opposite applies to the world of spirit. Thus, the Scriptures you can read (see) or see as a Tree of Moral Laws whilst the Roots of the Tree of Scriptures, you cannot see but perceive, which only the twice-born of holy spirit, common sense/Surti can perceive through logical reasoning that brews “Logo”. The once-born people of dead letters as these University Professors are today and Nicodemus was at the times of Jesus cannot perceive because “His Word – Logo” is received through the grace of our Supernatural Father that Jesus told the once-born clean-hearted Peter. Thus, Moses put on the Armour of Christ, the burning Bush experience in which you Perceive the Face of our Supernatural Father Elohim but he showed to people the back or reflection of Elohim, which are the Scriptures. So far the Rabbis appointed by Moses, Matt 13v52, were efficient like those of the Samaritans, they were keeping law and order in the society or they created kingdom of heaven that you can see with your two naked eyes or the keys to the kingdom of heaven was given to them but when they became greedy and hypocrites as they are today, then our S/N Father sends His own son called Messiah = Satguru = Christ to deliver His Message, who longed for it.

What is written, the Scriptures, that is corruptible but what you get through logical reasoning is “incorruptible” that is compared to a Brand New Cloth untouched by human hands. So, the person needs to be sensible twice-born persons as the Disciples of John, the Baptist were, who left their crook and hypocrite Temple Priests for John, the Baptist, the last Prophet on earth Luke 16v16; Law and Prophets were till John and afterwards, the low and Narrow Gate for the solitary has been opened by Christ Jesus, the First Anointed Christ, the Royal High Priest of the order of Sadhu Melchizedek. Christ Jesus delivered all that is written in the Old Testament but in the Parables for those who are capable of perceiving. Thus, the Parable of the Prodigal unfaithful son Isaac, elder faithful son Ishmael and father Abraham, the owner of the Promised Land = Garden of Eden and Moses brought the generation of Isaac back to the Promised Land Faithful to Abraham and the same land became lush green or welcoming the Prodigal son who has repented back into his fold. Such simple expositions are not known to the men of letters who “see” what is written, the Scriptures but they cannot “perceive” the very roots of the Scriptures. Christ Nanak, the second coming of Jesus called them “super donkeys carrying Holy Books”.

Here is another Parable that is taking shape today Matt 13v24-30. In this Parable, Farmer is Yahweh, wheat plants are sons of Man that John, the Baptist produced through the baptism of water for repentance and the “Tares” are the religious fanatics devils of the order of Jews outwardly – John 8v44 in which Jesus called them super bastard fanatic Devils and they took stones to hit him. How they became super bastard devils and Jesus had to take a Virgin Birth among them that Abraham has outlined in his Hajj rituals in which he has defined the four types of sons of Satan and I have described them fully in my article here:-

   Hajj is for boys 12 to 16 years old for "Ba-Ilah" to be the sons of Man and not for the sons of Satan in "La-Ilah".

It is highly misused to produce sons of Satan Al-Djmar Al-Aksa, the religious fanatic devils.

So, the Jews outwardly unfaithful to Abraham and Yahweh are getting bundled up in Israel for the Final Burning in Atomic War expected on 14 May, 2023 when Israel is 75 years old. The Western Wall of the Temple is intact and it is for the worship of the sons of Satan. I have a lot of videos on this topic warning people to join hands with our anointed Royal High Priest, our Bridegroom by eating the flesh of Jesus or what came out of the Mouth of Jesus and ears are the spiritual mouth, take it to your heart, our spiritual stomach and Chew it with the Teeth of logical reasoning to extract Logo that you need to Preach from the Rooftops to Drink the refreshing Blood of Christ.

Now, you will also understand what King David of Judah tribe said, “Lord (Elohim), the Middle Candle of the Menorah, of my lord (Yahweh), the other six candles or Pots of Yahweh. As Christ is the Son of Elohim, so Jesus, the Christ was also Lord of Sabbath making us, the Christs of holy spirit and not the dead in letters Christians of the Book, the Gnostic Royal Priests of the order of Melchizedek, a Sadhu, Lord of Sabbath as well. Or least in the Royal Kingdom of God is greater than John, the Baptist, Prophet Elijah. So, in honour of Christ Jesus, the Middle Candle of Menorah is raised above the other six of Yahweh, the Potter to whom the outer Temple Court belonged and Juda Iscariot threw the Blood Money of thirty Shekels in his court. That is why the Temple Priests bought a “Potter’s (Yahweh’s) Field to bury the un-known people”.

Further, son represents father in “seed” or surname and not the daughter whose surname changes on marriage but not of the son. That is why in Yahweh, we have Adam and Eve came out of the rib of Adam and not born like Adam; otherwise we would have two people fighting to be the head of the house. Angel Prophet Elijah (my god is Yahweh) is the “Lord of creation” and so he is the Head Priest Elijah and under the Chair of Elijah, the Rabbis lead their congregations and get their “sins”, the transgression against the Moral Law of Moses remitted at Passover from Yahweh whose covenant arch is placed at the Seat of Mercy of Elohim, the Holiest of Holy that used to have a Curtain around it. That is your sins are forgiven if you repent from the very core of your heart. Further, as sin being the transgression against the Moral Laws of Moses in “ignorance” only and so, the “sins” apply to the once-born natural boys who are learning the Scriptures, the letters = Milk and Law. Thus, the people who are well versed in the Scriptures and they do transgress against the Moral Laws “knowingly” to their full knowledge, or they transgress against the holy spirit that rests in their hearts, they are “Blasphemers or hypocrites”, which is the Regime of Elohim, our Supernatural Father of our “souls” whatever you sow, so shall you reap.

Now, from 14/05/2018, we are in the Tribulation Period in which nations will reap the rewards of their past deeds, Karma. Afghanistan used to raid India and today, they are suffering. Kashmir used to be seat of religious learning like the Jerusalem Temple and today, they are reaping the reward of misusing that knowledge to fleece the poor in the name of Islam of Mullah (Moon and star) whilst the Real Islam of Allah (Sun), the primary Source of Light called NOOR, etc. and that being “Spirit” is Shariah-Free as the Sadhus are.

Thus, this is the Real Shariah-Free Islam that Jesus with “Christ” in his heart came to Preach through “logical Reasoning” to Brew “Logo”, which is His Word called Gospel Treasures that rest in your own heart and not in the dead “letters” as the Scripture is. So, Gospel is for those who long for it or they are the “seekers” that were produced by John, the Baptist, who sifted the chaff (the once-born stooges of the Temple Priests called “Tares”, the sons of most high Satan Al-Djmar Al-Aksa) from the twice-born wheat (the faithful sons of Abraham and Yahweh, salt of the earth in Adam, seeking the Royal Kingdom of God “Elohim”, that has a Low and Narrow Gate for the solitary.

In Jesus, we have One Fold (Church of God) which is Mammon-Free of the order of Melchizedek and One Shepherd, our Royal High Priest/ Bridegroom Christ Jesus. That is why the Good News of the Birth of Jesus was broken to the Model devoted Shepherds tending their sheep in their field of New Testament from Wolves, the Anti-Christ hireling Dog-Collared Priests in the Churches today working for money of the thief of the order of Judas Iscariot. So, when the First Ideal Church of God was formed, people sold all their possession to buy this Field of the New Testament to dig out the Gospel Treasures through logical reasoning. To help people, Jesus Said, “Where two or three are gathered together in his name, He is among them”.

Thus, the first Church of God of the order of the Sadhu Melchizedek headed by Christ Jesus was totally Mammon-Free and St. Peter was the Gate Keeper at the Low and Narrow Gate leading to the Royal Vineyard of our Father, Elohim, Parbrahm, Allah, etc. and He was very strict in Feeding the Sheep to the Fold. No attraction for Mammon like the Sadhu of Melchizedek type. Still two sold their possessions and colluded with each other to keep back some Mammon. They, Ananias and Sapphira, presented the rest to St. Peter as the total sale of their possessions and by speaking to Holy Spirit that rests in your heart, they committed Blasphemy and St. Peter killed them because He had the Key to the Kingdom of Heaven that belongs to the once-born people of Yahweh who speak truth from their hearts and no cheating that creates Kingdom of Hell.  This is called building the House of God on the solid rock of truth. Or first speak the secular truth or what you see, and then you will receive the Gospel Absolute Truth through logical reasoning called Revelations. That is why St. Peter used to deliver the First Sermon on the secular truth of Yahweh, the Rock, and then the other Apostles will start building the Church in Gospel Truth of the “Unseen God Elohim, Parbrahm, Allah, etc.”

Further, in Jesus our conscience or heart is concerned and not the physical body in Yahweh and you exercise love called “Eros” in which people hate those who do not belong to their country as in racism. So, in Jesus, there is no physical male or female, Jew or Gentile, brown, white and black “rift”, etc. but our supernatural self-soul is concerned in which people are looking forward to “Resurrection” as Jesus showed to general public in His Friend Lazarus. Thus, in Yahweh, Angels are men only and so are the responsible Rabbis of specific tribe Levi in the Middle East and of quite a few tribes in India. But in Jesus, both sexes are equal and they are Saints. Thus, Says St. Paul, “A woman cannot teach the Scriptures but she can Preach Gospel, the very Tap Root = Oral Torah of the Scriptures”. Thus, in Jesus, Scriptures = Milk that you gulp without pondering has been superseded by Gospel that you learn on individual basis through “logical reasoning” in the company of the Royal Priests, the Christs and not the Christians of the dead Books/Bible.

So, the Scriptures are written by men with Christ in their heart and you can go to them, the Professors of Theology to get a degree in the letters of Theology by becoming their student called “Disciples” as Saul of conscience was of Gamaliel, a crafty Rabbi whilst the Gospel is always received through “logical reasoning” in which you have to be twice-born weaned off the Milk, Scriptures that is for the once-born of 12 to 16 years old boys and you need to have longing for Gospel to become a “seeker/researcher” through intuition in which you Chew the Flesh of Jesus by the “Teeth” of logical reasoning” to Brew Logo in your own heart; all this by the grace of our Father within us, the Temples of God made by Yahweh, the Potter to perfection and if your heart is clean as of a little child, what is inside is outside free of hypocrisy, then God lives in His Temple called “Emmanuel”. That is, unless you have the Royal Priest of God, the Christ in your heart, you cannot Preach Gospel from your own mouth called Drinking the Blood of Christ. Those who are “solitary” heretics as these established Churches of Mammon would call you and carry their own Cross, they can Preach Gospel of our Supernatural Father, which is very Bitter to the once-born groomed by their hireling Dog-Collared Priests of the order of Judas Iscariot, the Thief, to get of which Jesus died on the Cross.

Now, how Bitter is the Gospel Truth? St. Paul said, “A Jew is one who is “inwardly spiritual” and not “outwardly in flesh or of appearance” as Hindus, Sikh, Muslim, etc. are also. Further, the tribal people are born and the tribal people die whilst the spiritual selves Jew, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, etc. being the Way of life, they are never born and they never die. So, during the Holocausts, sectarian riots, etc. not a single Jew, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, etc. died but the tribal people that were born and they died. This simple Gospel Truth can stop the sectarian riots and suffering but not a single person opens his mouth in a Church dominated by Mammon that makes the situation worse than before the arrival of Jesus – Matt. 12v43-45. The Church of England headed by the Queen, the head of Mammon and defender of the faith in which the soldiers who died in the world wars are proclaimed by her hireling Dog-Collared Priests as to have glorified God but in reality it was Mammon who was glorified. Just compare the Queen with Penniless Jesus and if Jesus asks her to give away her riches to the poor, how long a face she will pull?

That is why Jesus told his Apostles not to carry any money in your purse, no two shoes, no two tunics and no Scripture, the Bible called Jewish Leaven.

Holy spirit, common sense, shatters the fetters of the dead letters.

Ask                   Seek                  Knock

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Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.
Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy
More you spend "His Treasures", preach Gospel, more you please Father to receive more.
Scriptures + holy spirit (common sense) = Gospel 

Hajj is for the Heavenly Peaceful living of the sons of Man, "Ba-Ilah" and not for the sons of Satan in "La-Ilah".

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