By Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.

Mandirs of Hindus have one gate normally facing East but the Harmandir Sahib has Four Gates. Why? This will become clear on understanding the functions of a "Mandir" and of the "Harmandir".

Mandir is for the Hindus and by definition; a Hindu is one who knows his "Hond", JAATI AUR BAASI, i.e. the tribal identity and the place of birth. This is also the first step in the learning process of children that they should know who his tribal father is and the place where he lives. Children being not sensible or clever, they cannot undertake the work of Vaish Varan but they are only capable of undertaking the work of Shoodar Varan. Further, children are guided in their childhood by their three "Gurus", which are mother, who teaches him/her the social aspects of moral life, father, who teaches the professional skills for making his living and finally the Brahmin, who teaches the moral laws especially the political. As most of the rules and laws of the countries are based upon the moral laws of each country, the Brahmins in the countries act as supreme judges to see that the moral laws of the country are not violated. For this reason, in India the kings used to have a court Brahmin who used to sit beside the kings to supervise the justice. Typical recent example of a Perfect Brahmin/Rabbi – Matt 13.52 - was John, the Baptist, who openly objected to the Herod marrying the wife of Phillip whereas the corrupt and useless Rabbis kept their mouths shut because that might displease the king.

For Brahmins being the supreme rulers in the country, people would obey their orders without questioning their authorities and the public acted like the "blind" Disciples following their Brahmins. Today, Pope is the living example of such an authority where the so-called Catholics follow him blindly knowing very well that in Christ Jesus, everyone has to give his own account to God. In India, Brahmins are consulted on most occasions and without their consent they would not act. In the same manner, the Jews would not act without consulting their Rabbis. Christ Jesus called those corrupt and inefficient Rabbis, the blind guides of the blind and in India, Bhagat Naam Dev Ji said, "HINDU ANNAH, TURKOO KAANA, GIANI DOHAN TAE SIANAA". Also, in Hinduism personal ego is upheld and thus, most of their moral laws are based upon the natural laws of Nature i.e. on tit-for-tat rule. As ego is the enemy of spirit, so Hindus are without "spirit" or "SURTI" that is needed to understand the Word of God in GURBAANI or the New Testament.

For the general public acting like the children of SHOODAR VARAN, the Brahmins' Mandirs have One Gate and for the same reason, it is sometimes expressed that all the JAATIS or tribes originate from the SHOODAR VARAN. For leading the general public under their care, the Brahmins are taken from the people of certain tribes e.g. from the Levi tribe in Middle East and Sarsutt, Gaur, Mohyal, etc. in India. This is done so for the sake of responsibility and further, it is normally the eldest son of the person officiating as Brahmin/Cohen. Such a person lives a life of total renunciation and treats all living being equally - DUDITAEYA NAASTAE. Women are not allowed to become Brahmins/Rabbis as their tribal identity changes upon marriage. Thus, a woman cannot teach the moral laws of Yahweh, Brahma, Khudah, etc. but she can Preach Gospel of our Supernatural Father Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc. That is, a woman could be a Saint but she cannot be a moral teacher.

As the Brahmins become inefficient and corrupt, then religious Darkness spreads. Injustices in society led religious people to raise hue and cry to our Supernatural Father Parbrahm, Elohim, Allah, etc. to send His own Son, the Christ = Satguru and they were Christ Jesus and Satguru Nanak Dev Ji, his second coming. Thus the First anointed Christ was "Jesus" and the Second was "Nanak" but today, the Lights of both has been smothered so much so that their Talmidim/Sikhs, the learner of spiritual knowledge even do not understand the qualities of a Christ or Satguru.

As our covenant with our Bridegroom, the Anointed Christ is of the living holy spirit and not of the dead "letters" of the moral laws; only the spiritually living people of spirit or SURTI can understand and appreciate the Gospels delivered by the Christs or Satgurus.

As Gospel is for the people of spirit irrespective of the type of work they do for their living, so the Temple of God, the HARMANDIR SAHIB, has four gates to cater for the people of Four Varnas or professions. This has been stressed in GURBAANI, "CHOH VARNO KO AIK UPDESH……..”

To oversee the work of the Four Varnas, Four True Thrones, SACHAE TAKHTS, have been established. The First True Throne, AKAAL TAKHT, to look after the Brahmin Varan was established by Sachae Patshah Har Gobind Ji for the NIRMALLAE SANTS or the Apostles to render exposition of the Word of God and to keep on preparing Sikhs to join onto either the Third Community of Khalsas or the Fourth Community of NIRMALLAE SANTS. But today the fake or PAKHANDI SANTS are themselves blind to Satguru so much so that they address Satguru Nanak Dev Ji and Sachae Patshah Gobind Singh Ji as "Gurus" never mind to claim their Akaal Takht where people who even do not know their tribal fathers, never mind our Spiritual Father Akaal Purakh, are sitting. BANDRAN NOO BANIAAR DIAN TOPIAN.

The other Three True Thrones, Sachae Takhts, were established by Sachae Patshah Gobind Singh Ji to look after the remaining Three Varan; for the Khashtri Varan or to look after the political affairs Kes Garh, for Vaish Varan or Traders Patna Sahib and for the Shoodar Varan or SEWA DAARS Hazur Sahib.

Remember that the Four Varnas are related to the Four spiritual states of soul, HAUMAE, MUNN, BUDHI AND CHITT but today the fanatics are claiming a fifth Takht called Dam Dama Sahib. Yes, there is a fifth Varan called Shankar Varan and it is the Varan of the Super Bastard Fanatic Devils – John 8v44, the religious people of appearances and dead letters who have nothing to do with religion but they are "shameless" sons of Satan creating trouble all over the world. Such fanatics are asked to conceal their tribal identity under the name of the religious community or the other and the Mohammadans are number one in doing so. A product of this Fifth Takht Bhindranwala was neither a Sikh Sewadar of the order of Bhai Ghaniya Ji nor a Khalsa Soldiers who have nothing to do with this Holiest of Holy Complex meant for the Sikh Bhagtan and Nirmallae Santan to render praises to our Supernatural Father Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc. That is why the Foundation Stone of Harmandir Sahib for the Gurmukhs was laid by Pir Mian Mir Ji, a True Merciful Muslim of heart.

Also remember that Sachae Patshah Har Gobind Ji and Gobind Singh Ji came in the name of the incarnation of Shiv, NEETI PARSHOTAM AVTAR, Shri Krishan Baldev Ji, and the Prophet of Doapar Yug. After the great War was over, then Shri Krishan Baldev Ji told the victor Pandos that KAL YUG is setting in soon and in one of the characteristics of Kal Yug, He showed them that a mountain is rolling down gathering mass of religious fanatics as it rolls crushing trees and houses alike but that mountain was stopped by a straw. Then, the Pandos asked Shri Krishan Baldev Ji the exposition of this characteristic of Kal Yug. Shri Krishan Baldev Ji told the Pandos that the mountain is of the fanatics of Shankar Varn led by Al-Djmar Al-Aksa and the straw is "SATT" or the Word of God, the Gospel Truth whosoever will possess, the Word of God, SATT, will stop this mountain of fanatics. My late father did turn such a mountain of Mohammedan fanatics of Arian tribe into good friends during the partition of India in 1947 and saved the whole village from the carnage expected of such religious fanatics.

So, Harmandir Sahib is expected to have Four Doors to preach Gospel to the people performing the works of all the Four Varnas, professions. Remember that Bhagat Rav Dass Ji was performing the work of SHOODAR VARAN for his living but spiritually He was a Satguru or Christ.

Finally, the Four Gates of Harmandir Sahib have nothing to do with the four directions as the directions could be many but such an explanation is good for the people who do not know their Satguru or the Four Advent Candles.


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Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.
Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy
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