This Dark Age being the Age of spirit, common sense, Surti, etc. whatever happened in the past Ages the opposite happens in it for what applies to flesh, the tribal people, just the opposite applies to spirit of this Dark Age, Kalyug. Thus, in the Traeta Yug, the people of Khatri tribes were so religious that they were nicknamed as Devtas for obedience to the moral laws so much so that any person who went against the moral laws was cast out of their tribe and they were called “ARORRA”; meaning a RORRAEAH HOAEAA and the Khatris will not deal with him anymore. People of the other tribes were no match to them and in Vedant they were so well versed that the saying:-




Became famous in that the Khatris even beat the people of tribes assigned the Brahmanical work in Vedic knowledge. The surnames of Khatris such as Chaturvedi, Trivedi, Davedi, and above all “Bedi”; bear witness to their competence in the Vedic knowledge. In the Traeta Yug they were the rulers and the third Varan Khashtri that deals with the political affairs is named to honour the wisdom of the people of Khatri tribe i.e. the people who should be in politics should rule the people as the Khatris did in Traeta Yug.


The Duapar Yug belonged to the people of the Yadav tribe who were simpletons, MOORAKH, and they displayed all the foolishness in their rule and fought a pitch battle against each other. Jatts are the main branch of Yadav and the others are Gujjar, Ahir, etc. mostly doing the farming for their living.


Now, Kal Yug lacks light and in this Yug, there is total Darkness. Under the cover of this Darkness, the people who are clever take advantage in cheating people. This is the only Age in which people tell falsehoods called KOORR and KUFFAR, the abstract lies that are exposed only by His Word and the people cheat each other as in the other Ages Brahman being efficient, they won’t tolerate such non-sense and for keeping law and order, they were referred by Satguru = Christ Jesus as the village rulers.


So, in Kal Yug just the opposite happens; the wise people of Traeta Yug become cheats and satanic whilst the simpletons of Doapar Yug, the Yadav become Saints. Yadav in general were clean-hearted people but they were arrogant for they were big landlords. Arrogance is a stumbling block to a Bhagat and only those who were humble succeeded in becoming Bhagats like Dhanna Bhagat whilst the people of other village tribes being not arrogant but humble they also became Bhagats with ease. None of the people of Khatri/Arorra tribes became a Bhagat and they being Devtas in the past Age were the most satanic people in Kal Yug in that all the Satgurus and Sachae

Patshahs took their births among them, the spiritually sick people needing the Doctor the most. In the Middle East, the people of Judah tribe, the tribe of King David, were in a similar situation that the First anointed Christ (Satguru) Jesus took his Virgin Birth among them.


So, the people of spiritually sick Khatri tribe became the staunch enemies of Satgurus and Sachae Patshahs and the forms they adopted for their satanic works will be outlined below:-

1.Greed is the dominant factor in Kal Yug and, therefore, some Khatris became Mohammadans and changed their tribal identity from Khatri to Sheikh for they were highly knowledgeable but the people tried to put them to shame by saying:-





As Sheikh stands for a knowledgeable person and it is not a tribe, thus, most of the other people who also became Mohammadan took this tribal cover as well but the people of Jatt, Gujjar, Ahir, etc. tribes did not change either their surnames or the tribal names except the people of Saini tribe, they changed their tribe to Arian and proclaimed that they came from Arab countries whilst doing so none of them settled beyond Multan as if they had taken a flight from Arabian countries. Thus, of the farming tribes Mohammadan Sainis/Arian tribal people, are the most satanic people and they headed the Muslim League during the riots in 1947.

2. Next to the Khatris who became Mohammadans were those who became the so-called Sikhs of form and not of the heart like Lala Tara Singh Malhotra Khatri. They exploited the simpletons under the cover of Sikh Qom when in reality it is a Panth, a community (Millatt) and not a tribe. They never stopped making fools of the people as is clear from the 22 Khatri imposters at Baba Bakalae, who started to cheat people under the very Nose of the Last Christ on earth Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji, a Sodhi Khatri, at Baba Bakalae when a Sikh of holy spirit, Surtti Makhan Shah of the Lubaana tribe tested them in spirit, PAEKHAEYA. Guru is seen, DHAEKHNA, whilst a Satguru is perceived,

PAEKHNA. That is the satanic Khatris were so daring that they started to rob the House of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji even when the rightful Owner of His House was still alive. A man of Surtti should imagine what the hell they are doing now when the Light is gone long ago.

3. The Khatris who remained MONAE as the originals were, i.e. the so-called Hindus, they are exploiting people under the cover of Ariya Samaj. Ariya is a race called NASSALL like the other races such as Dwaradian, Mongol, Semitic, Negro, etc. and not a Samaj or community like Hindu, Sikh, Khalsa, etc. into which anybody could join. The Jatts of Haryana are in their grips as the Jatts of the Panjab are in the grips of Jatta Joot Khatris and of the west Panjab in Mullahs/Sheikhs. These Ariya Samaji Lalas call themselves MAHASHAH, teasing the Mohammadan Shahs that we are superior to you.

4. Here are some very important Khatris who tortured and became the staunch enemies of Sikhs and Khalsas. Sodhi Khatri Chandu roasted Satguru Arjan Dev Ji for four days on an hot iron plate with hot sand pouring over his head, Lala Sucha Nand, a Puri Khatri got the two young boys of Sachae Patshah Gobind Singh Ji entombed ALIVE in a brick wall, Lala Madho Dass who hypocritically became Banda Bahadur, a Sodhi Khatri of Jammu was a Munnmukh Khalsa who organised the killing of Sachae Patshah Gobind Singh Ji so that he could become the head of the organisation in which people became imposters through marriage as the Five were beheaded publically and not taken into a tent as a thief will do and then the head of one was sown with the torso of other and they were they were revived through Amrit Nectar. Most of these Khalistanis are Bundae Khalsas who will meet the same fate as the followers of Banda Bahadur did.

5. Finally, all the Khatris are not satanic as all the Jatts are not Bhagats. You will still come across honest Khatris and they are still Devtas but their number is very small in deed. This will become clear from the statistic presented by W.H.MacLeod in his works mentioning that the least supporters of Satgurus and Sachae Patshahs were the people of Khatri tribe less than one percent followed by the Arorras 1,5 percent. The people of village tribes such as Jatts, Tarkhan, Loohar, Chamiar, Choorahs, Julahae, Shheembae, etc. supported them overwhelmingly. The Jatts being the SHIV SENA supported the work of Shiv Shakti started by Sachae Patshah Har Gobind Singh Ji overwhelmingly to sort out the Satan created by the Khatri Mullahs under the cover of Sheikhs.


Now, as opposite happens in Kal Yug to those in the previous Ages, the Khatris of Kashmir were number one in the knowledge of Vedas as the Brahmans of Kashmir were known as “Guru Brahmans” as that of Kurukhshaetar were known as “ADI Brahmans”. So, the satanic Khatris of Kashmir when they became Mullahs and started to terrorise the Sarsutt and other people so much that they went to Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji to complain against them of their satanic activities. So, Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji presented his own sacrifice to those satanic Khatri Mullahs of Kashmir.

To-day, the people who are doing much writings to exploit the simple village people are those satanic Khatris in one form or the other as Kal Yug belongs to them and that was the reason why the Two, One the very anointed Son of Parbrahm, Allah, Elohim, etc. PAR VISHNU Satguru = Christ Nanak Dev Ji and the Very Akaal Purakh PAR SHIV, Royal King Gobind Singh Ji appeared among those spiritually sick people.


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