Nanak wasn't a Moral Teacher, a Brahmin Guru but Satguru of the highest order that Preaches the Gospel to one's mind, Munn, Nafs, etc.



Satguru is known as the Christ in the Western world and both of them stand for the Royal Priests of God, the Spokesmen of God.  Jesus was the first anointed Christ whilst Nanak was the Second anointed Christ.  The Bhagats and Saints were also Christs but they were NOT the anointed ones.

The First anointed Christ Jesus came when the Rabbis had become grossly inefficient and greedy hypocrites. People suffered at their Mammon orientated malpractices as you see them even today.  In the Middle East one Prophet came in the name of Moses or Elijah to make people sons of Man or the Jews of heart by teaching them the Moral Laws that the corrupt priests were floundering e.g. Herod marrying the wife of Philip. And that was Angel John, the Baptist, and an ideal Levi Priest whilst to preach Gospel to the sons of Man Christ Jesus was the First Anointed Christ, the Son of Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc., the very Source of Light.  In Sikhism, John, the Baptist is called Israeli Fahrishhtta. Jesus handpicked 11 Labourers and not the once-born disciples whilst the twelfth clever Judas Iscariot begged Jesus to be included among the 12. The root of the word Disciple is discipline and Rabbis disciplined the once-born natural men through teaching the moral laws. Thus, the moral teachers, Matt.13.v52 had Disciples.  

Thus, in Jesus, we had Labourers and they were twelve as they need to be born of water or morally sound as per 7-candled Menorah to fulfil the law or morality of John, the Baptist (7), water, and 5-Temptations of heart for spirituality or the Purity of heart as that was of the Samaritan Woman at well was. Heart is purified by the Blood of Christ called Preaching of the Gospel Truth.   By the end of the first century, the Church of God's Messianic Bishops (MAHANT) became so greedy and immoral that they started to impose their own wills on people, which Jesus had set them FREE in spirit.  Such corrupt Bishops expelled the roving Apostles (NIRMALLAE SANTS) in the name of Jesus from their Churches, starting with Judea region and replaced them with their own resident Presbyters to read and teach the Bible by the dead "letters" with no ability to render expositions.  Such Bishops became so authoritarian that they started to burn at stake those who either exposed their malpractices or disobeyed their edicts.

The Head Bishop, the Pope, became so cruel that he started to burn people in hundreds and the Islam of Hazrat Mohammad Sahib based upon similar grounds, moon and star, was no less cruel. The Real Islam of Allah is of Sun and it is Shariah-Free. It was Preached by Shah Shamas Tabrezi but Mullahs killed Him.

When, the cruelty was extreme and people were suffering, then it was the right time for the Second anointed Christ Nanak Dev Ji to appear among the most spiritually sick greedy people of Khatri tribe of the Punjab. Satguru Nanak Dev Ji had five more Lights making in total six according to the Saying:-


Also, one should bear in mind that in Kal Yug, both the previous Ages’ Prophets come.   In the name of Shri Ram Chander Ji, the Moon of Ram, Muryada Parshotam Avtar of Vishnu, came Satguru Nanak Dev Ji; the Roohani Muryada Parshotam, Paar Vishnu Son of ParBrahm, Allah, Elohim, etc. whilst in the name Shri Krishan Baldev Ji, Shakti daa Devta, Neeti Parshotam Avtar of Shiv came Paar Shiv Sachae Paatshah Gobind Rai Ji, the Spiritual Royal King.

Now, let us ponder over the roles of various Lights:-

1. Satguru Nanak Devi introduced to us Akaal Purakh and His various Versions HAR, RAAM, KARTA, ALLAH, etc. and requested people to seek ANAND, Peace-of-Mind through the Gospel, DHUR KI BAANI, revealed through logical reasoning, which cannot be written down in ink on paper but received through revelations to individuals who seek His Word. It cannot be written down and for this read the Book KARPURI BEERR DAE DARSHAN by Prof. Jodh Singh published by Patiala University Press for corruptions in the Original Beerr.

2. Satguru Angad Dev Ji stressed that before one could receive His Word, one should be God-Orientated and be a clean-hearted (5 times 7 = 35 = letters) i.e. all the seven types of works performed should be done with a clean-heart, five and ego or HAUMAE of JAATTI should be subdued by turning this “seed” into a plant in which we have One Father Parbrahm so that you can have SURTI of ParBrahm, Who gave you birth in a certain tribal family. That is why He initiated the 35 alphabets and promoted wrestling to create a healthy HARMANDIR for the ANTAR Satguru to have the abode in a clean and healthy Harmandir i.e. from JATTI to SATTI.

3. Satguru Amar Dev Ji, took over those child-like Virgins in SURTI, then He promoted His Word, as only the people of spirit or SURTI with a Satguru in their hearts, “Innerman = Christ” are capable of understanding and appreciating His Word, i.e. from SATTI to SANTOKHI.

4. Satguru Ram Dass Ji then stressed that all the people have Light of God, NOOR, in them and that a Sikh should concentrate on rendering service to people, foe and friend alike i.e. from SANTOKHI to DAEYAWAAN.

5. Satguru Arjan Dev Ji then stressed that how a sealed to serve and a humble Sikh, Gurmukh reaps the fruits of the Royal Kingdom of God. Thus, Satguru Arjan Dev Ji lured the Sikhs into the company of the Mammon-Free Sadhus/Melchizedek that formed the First Church of God by disposing off their worldly possessions. Satguru Arjan Dev Ji suffered the most horrific death when He was tortured over a hot iron plate with hot sand being poured over His Head and that too in the hottest of all the months of June.  Remember that a satanic Sodhi Khatri called Chandu, who took advantage of the Bhakti Marag, designed this mode of torture to avenge the refusal of Lala Arjan Dev Ji, a Sodhi Khatri’s handsome son Lala Har Gobind Ji with his daughter. The Fruit of Mercy is ONENESS with Akal Purakh.

6. Sachae Paatshah Har Gobind Ji initiated the ParShakti Marag of philanthropy as that was the limit of bearing the atrocities of the sons of Satan under Bhakti Marag. He being the spiritual Incarnation of Shri Krishan Baldev Ji or of the Paar Shiv, Yadev especially the Jatts that form Shiv Sena, DAEH SHIVA VAR MOHAE …… played a major role in seeing that justice prevails in the society. Remember that after the great war of Mahabharat, Shri Krishan Baldev Ji, incarnation of Shiv, told the victor Pando that Kalyug will begin soon in which people will perform deeds against the moral laws. Then, the Pandos said that if it is going to be our rule, how could people do wrong things?  So, this was the chance for the JATTS to put things right in the name of JUSTICE of ParBrahm. Paar Shiv being higher than a Satguru, He also established the Supreme Spiritual Court or the True Throne or SACHA TAKHT, AKAL TAKHT, in the name of the fourth Brahmin Varn for the abode of NIRMALLAE SANTS, the Apostles, to render exposition of NAAM for preparing good quality Sikhs.

7. Sachae Paatshah Har Rai Ji as the name implies was a Higher authority than Dharm Rai and He served by creating Hospitals to look after the suffering sick people including birds and animals. He emphasised on subduing enemy through humanitarian service.

8. Sachae Paatshah Har Krishan Ji was greater than the Shri Krishan Baldev Ji of Doapar Yug of Geeta.  Shri Krishan Baldev Ji was the incarnation of Shiv and he showed Arjun that He is the Master of all the creations, nature at large (flesh). Sachae Paatshah Har Krishan Ji being Par Shiv stressed that like Krishan Baldev Ji, He is the Master of the exposition of His Word, ParGeeta.  So, Sachae Paatshah Har Krishan Ji amazed people by rendering the exposition of His Word. 

9. Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji was the last on earth anointed Sixth Christ/Satguru in the name of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji, Who delivered the ultimate Sermon to the people. As His name implies, He plied the Double-edged Sword (Tegh) of His Word, NAAM fearlessly (Bahadur) and asked others to come to his avenue if they too want to ply it or Preach the Double-Edged Sword Gospel from the Rooftops. By this time, the satanic Khatris were at their peak in their satanic activities and they were very daring in fleecing the simple-minded people as at Baba Bakalae they did. Finally, when Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji went to visit His Ancestral Home, Harmandar Sahib, and the Seat for Satgurus, the greedy Khatris banged the Door at His Face in that they want to use this place to fleece the simple-minded people and not for the propagation of His Word. That is why you have gold over Harmandar Sahib to attract the prey. Although Harmandar Sahib is the replacement of Holiest of Holy Jerusalem Temple where now the Mosque Al-Aksa stands, yet next to nothing is learnt from here today. The Granthis over there are worse than the Thugs of Banares; AMRITSARIYE ANDAR SARRIYE.

To create the utter Darkness of Kalyug in which the sons of Satan thrive, Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji left the Punjab for a faraway province so that the sons of Satan, the Khatris to whom Kalyug belongs, could show their best performances to the world. That they showed in Kashmir, the home of the Emperors of Darkness i.e. hypocrites of the first degree and Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji laid His life fighting them. Today, the people of Kashmir are paying for their past heinous crimes. The Khatris of Amritsar and Lahore shall pay the price for killing Satguru Arjun Dev Ji during the Indo-Pak War.

10. Sachae Paatshah (Royal King) Gobind Singh Ji was the last of the series of four Sachae Paatshahs who were to look after the affairs (works) of the remaining THREE VARNS. He created the remaining True Thrones, Sachae Takhts for the remaining three VaransFor the Shoodar Varn, Hazoor Sahib, Vaish Varn Patna Sahib and Khashtri Varn Kes Garh Sahib. He also organised a Philanthropic Panth of the Khalsas by beheading the FIVE on stage publically and then sewing the head of one with the torso of the other and reviving them with AMRIT, ABB-e-Hayaatt, to bring confidence in the simple-minded and sealed to serve God GURMUKH devotees that fighting for the Righteousness will give them MUKHTI, Rest, Salvation. He looked after the oppressed and gave the finishes touches to the Fourth Nirmallae Santan Panth or the Community of Apostles for whom Sachae Paatshah Har Gobind Ji had prepared the Holiest of Holy Akal Takht.

But today, the satanic people dominate in the Punjab and they have turned village simpletons into fanatic devils – John 8v44. Mammon is worshipped instead of God. Jathedar of Akal Takht are no more Nirmallae Sants but the hypocrites of the first degree – BANDRAN NOO BANAAR DIAN TOPPIAN.

For detailed insight into this subject, please read my Punjabi Book, “KAKHH OHLAE LAKHH” on my web site. It needs revision. Anyone is prepared to help me?


Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.

Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy

Remember that the "Chosen People" are the demonstration Nation of the world.

For teaching us the moral laws, they are called a Nation of Priests or of gods.

We should appreciate their sacrifices but their blind guides led them into the Pits of Holocausts.

Christ Jesus came among them but their Rabbis loved Mammon more than God.

Angel John, the Baptist, Prophet Elijah lived in Jungle eating honey and locusts with no love of Mammon. He was the “Headstone” Prophet Elijah ousted out by the dominant hypocrites that Jesus fought by exposing them.

Messianic Jews who display Menorah with the Middle Candle of God or Oral Torah at par with the other six, they are hypocrites worse than those Jewish blind guides?

Twice-born people of "spirit", common sense, the psychic, MUNNMUKH, generally go for the following of the blind to glorify themselves.

Twice-born who are predestined to serve God, pneumatic, GURMUKH, they become solitary through the taste of Gospel Truth. They glorify God.

More you spend "His Treasures", preach Gospel, more you will please our Father to receive more.

SACH (truth) is bitter but it leads you to the Kingdom of Heaven in Law and Order whilst SATT (Gospel Truth) is extremely bitter but it leads you to ANAND/Salvation.

Falsehoods or KOORRs are extremely sweet, MAKHAEON MITHHA, sweeter than honey, but they lead you to the Hell of fanatic killing.

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Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.
Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy
More you spend "His Treasures", preach The Gospel, more you please Father to receive more.
Scriptures + holy spirit (common sense) = The Gospel 

Hajj is for the Heavenly Peaceful living of the sons of Man, "Ba-Ilah" and not for the sons of Satan in "La-Ilah".


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